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Cycling Apparel

Clothing for cycling exercise and cycling is our lifeblood. Over several years, we have designed, developed and produced Ventoux cycling clothing with a focus on the wishes of discerning end users. And always with a goal of delivering good quality and functionality at reasonable prices.


Cycling Apparel for all purposes

Whether you cycle for exercise, commute to and from work or are a real cyclist, you need a selection of clothing designed specifically for cycling. It is clear that if you cycle frequently and for long trips in all kinds of weather, this calls for a more comprehensive wardrobe of cycling clothing, while the commuter may be content with a pair of cycling gloves with shock absorption and a good windbreaker cycling jacket.

Which cycling clothing is the most important?

If you have only just started cycling longer trips, e.g. to get in better shape and lose weight, there are some cycling clothes that are more important than others. Start by investing in the parts that give you comfort, freedom of movement and protection from the weather when you are on the bike. Here we would recommend that you first acquire cycling trousers with seat cushion, cycling gloves, cycling jersey, sweat-wicking undershirt, cycling shoes and cycling helmet. Possibly. can you supplement with clothing you already have, e.g. Coolmax socks, sports glasses and a windbreaker for the slightly cooler days.

Other useful bicycle apparel

Once you have really started cycling and cycling training, you will need a larger and more varied selection of cycling clothing on the shelves. Eg. arm, leg and knee warmers, various types of sweat shirts, shoe covers, thin inner gloves, wind vests, neck tubes, etc. Ideally, you build up a cycling wardrobe, where you can eventually pick the right clothes according to the weather conditions of the day and the type of training you will be doing.

Cycling clothes in the winter

If you don't want to miss out on cycling outside the absolute peak season (which in Denmark is from April to September), then your winter cycling clothes will be absolutely essential for comfort. Regardless of whether you need clothing for MTB, Gravel or country road, it is important not to freeze or get too hot when pedaling. At the same time, it is extra important that the cycling clothing in winter has extra good movement comfort (stretchability) and breathability. A good rule to remember is that when you start out wearing winter cycling clothing, it must feel cold to begin with. The heat should come quickly when you start pedaling and the heart rate rises.

Cycling clothing for men or for women

Is there a difference between men's and women's cycling clothing? The answer is both yes and no! Although all cycling clothing can be designed so that, in terms of color and look, it appeals most to either men or women, there are many cycling clothing parts which are, in principle, unisex. Eg. cycling socks, shoe covers and headgear. Where it makes the most sense to distinguish between cycling clothing for women and men, is when it comes to tops (cycling jerseys and cycling jackets) and bottoms (cycling trousers and cycling tights). In women's cycling trousers, the seat cushion is e.g. designed carefully according to the special female anatomy, and this can have a great impact on the comfort on the bike.

How should cycling clothing fit?

As a starting point, cycling clothing must fit closer to the body than ordinary everyday clothing and other sports such as e.g. fitness. This is particularly related to the fact that it goes beyond comfort, driving pleasure and speed if the clothes flap in the wind when we cycle. On the other hand, cycling clothing should not be so tight that it interferes with freedom of movement and feels uncomfortable. Fortunately, the textiles used for cycling clothing have undergone significant development in recent years. This means that cycling clothing from the most innovative manufacturers is ultra stretchy/elastic (which provides a better fit) and at the same time the clothing has become softer, more comfortable and skin-friendly.

Ventoux – a Danish cycling clothing brand

The bicycle brand Ventoux is designed in Denmark and produced in many different factories around the world. The desire to produce cycling clothing from the best materials, with top functionality and at affordable prices has been our DNA and driving force from the start. And we constantly try to improve our products based on an awareness that "the devil is in the detail" - and of course on the basis of the feedback we get from our users.

We have our own warehouse of cycling clothing in Roskilde, close to Copenhagen. This is where all orders are processed, which typically happens the same day the order is received. You can always call or write to us, and you are welcome to stop by during the warehouse's opening hours. At the address, it is also possible to shop directly in our small outlet with cheap cycling clothing (2nd sorting, discontinued items, samples, etc.), and pick up your order.