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Bike lights

Ventoux's range of bicycle lights is primarily designed for cycling at a sporting level. That is where the requirements for robustness, clamping and brightness are particularly high. The committee is exclusive and selected based on, among other things, strict requirements for quality and durability.

Developments within bicycle lights have been developing rapidly in recent years to the benefit of end users. Today, even smaller lights can shine brightly thanks to the use of increasingly efficient and energy-saving LED diodes. Charging has become simpler with the help of the built-in rechargeable batteries that are charged via a micro USB port, and it is no longer necessary to change batteries every now and then. At the same time, many new smart functions have been added, such as light sensors, automatic brake lights, etc.



Bicycle lights

Good bicycle lights are of course essential for a large part of the year in Denmark. But especially in the darkest months. At Ventoux, we specialize in clothing and equipment for exercise cycling, which is why we also set high standards for the bicycle lights we sell. In Denmark, approved bicycle lights must be visible at least 300 meters away. Naturally, all our bicycle lights live up to this. At the same time, we ourselves set a number of requirements for our bicycle lights.

Firstly, our bike lights must be of good quality, you can find a relatively cheap bike light with us, but we never compromise on quality, and we have thoroughly tested all of the bike lights you find with us.

There is of course a difference between whether you need to use your bicycle lights in the city or whether you want to light up the entire forest with powerful bicycle lights. That is why we also have a good selection of bicycle lights for different purposes.

Today's bicycle lights

In recent years, there has been a great development within the bicycle light. The development has, among other things, has resulted in bicycle lights with a built-in rechargeable battery combined with super sharp LED diodes becoming so good and economical that lights with replaceable batteries and an external battery pack seem obsolete. In our range of 2022 bicycle lights, we have chosen to focus on USB rechargeable bicycle lights for the same reason.

Where previously you had to keep a stock of non-reusable batteries in the drawer, you can now easily charge your LED bicycle lights using a USB plug. Thus, you can e.g. charge your bicycle lights via the plug in your PC at work or similar. We think the rechargeable bicycle lights are clearly the best choice, both for the cyclist and for the environment.

It is of course also important that it is easy to attach your bicycle lights to your bicycle. For the smaller bicycle lights, we often choose a solution where your bicycle lights must be mounted with a solid and flexible silicone strap, completely without the use of tools. We think this is by far the easiest installation of bicycle lights. It is of course important that the small rechargeable bicycle lights still have a solid and strong strap that can withstand being put on and taken off many times.

Powerful bicycle lights

Do you cycle where it gets really dark, e.g. in the forest you will be very happy with some powerful bicycle lights - especially headlights - with relatively many lumens. - especially . Lumen is an indicator of the strength and intensity of a light source. A rule of thumb is that if you have to cycle on a lighted road, e.g. in the city, you can make do with a headlight with 100-200 lumens, and a rear light with just 10-30 lumens. Conversely, if you cycle mostly on dark roads or paths, we recommend a headlight with min. 500 lumens - preferably more. One of our most popular more powerful ones is this 900 lumen USB power light.

When you cycle with the more powerful LED bicycle lights, there is a risk of dazzling oncoming traffic. Therefore, we recommend mounting the light so that it points a few degrees downwards rather than in a horizontal position. In addition, it is good style, such as when using high beams in the car, to dazzle in good time. The most powerful of our lights (currently 1200 lumens and 1600 lumens USB Power) also allow you to easily switch to "dimming" at the simple press of a button.

Lumen and lux compared to bicycle lights

The brightness of bicycle lights is most often indicated as lumens. The higher the lumen, the stronger the light output. . A lux indication may also sometimes be mentioned. Lumens indicate the total amount of light that your bicycle light emits. Lux, on the other hand, is a number for how much light hits a certain area.

1 lux corresponds to 1 lumen per square meters. Therefore, the lux figure will usually be lower than the lumen figure, as the light will often spread over more than one m2. On many powerful bicycle lights, you can also choose to focus the light on a smaller area, and thus get a powerful light from the bicycle light, or you can choose a greater spread of the light from the bicycle light, which in turn does not dazzle oncoming road users.

Read any a more in-depth article on lamp brightness here

Bicycle lights etc

Bicycle lights for mtb should preferably be both powerful, robust and extra solidly mounted. Many experienced MTBers who do not compromise also demand the possibility of mounting on both handlebars and helmets in order to achieve maximum visibility on dark forest paths and tracks.

Most of Ventoux's front and rear lights have flexible mounting solutions, and can be mounted both on the frame (typically handlebars and seat tube) and on the front or back of the helmet.

Check out the mounting options under the individual lights, where the various methods of installation are described and often also illustrated.

Rear light for bicycle

If you are looking for a good rear light for your bicycle, there are fortunately many models to choose from. We have, among other things, several ultra compact LED rear lights, which are easily recharged via USB.

A good model bicycle rear light is our USB Firebird rear light. This rear light is super smart for your bike, as it can actually be changed from the front light